GlycoNAVI: CheGly (Chemical Glycosylation)

Clostomicin B2

ID Compound Name Target Name Species Assay Method Activity Value Conditions DOI
act3282Clostomicin B2Micrococcus luteus ATCC 9341Diameter of inhibition zone (φ mm)17.410.7164/antibiotics.39.1407
act3302Clostomicin B2Clostridium perfringens ATCC 32624Diameter of inhibition zone (φ mm)33.210.7164/antibiotics.39.1407
act3272Clostomicin B2Bacillus subtilis PCI 219Diameter of inhibition zone (φ mm)15.410.7164/antibiotics.39.1407
act3292Clostomicin B2Xanthoinonas oryzae KB88Diameter of inhibition zone (φ mm)12.210.7164/antibiotics.39.1407
act3267Clostomicin B2Staphylococcus aureus FDA 209PDiameter of inhibition zone (φ mm)14.710.7164/antibiotics.39.1407
act3297Clostomicin B2Acholeplasma laidlawii PG8Diameter of inhibition zone (φ mm)33.210.7164/antibiotics.39.1407
act3277Clostomicin B2B. subtilis PCI 219Diameter of inhibition zone (φ mm)18.210.7164/antibiotics.39.1407
act3307Clostomicin B2C. diflcile ATCC 9689Diameter of inhibition zone (φ mm)30.010.7164/antibiotics.39.1407
act3287Clostomicin B2Mycobacterium smegmatis ATCC 604Diameter of inhibition zone (φ mm)17.410.7164/antibiotics.39.1407