GlycoNAVI: CheGly (Chemical Glycosylation)


ID Compound Name Target Name Species Assay Method Activity Value Conditions DOI
act2176NirurisideR17 coat protein/operator RNA systemR17 Coat/Operator RNA Assay IC50 (µM)>13010.1021/np9600560
act2175NirurisideREV-protein to [33P]-labeled RRE RNAREV/RRE Binding Assay IC50 (µM)3.310.1021/np9600560
act2177NirurisideCEM-SS cellsXTT dye reduction\n assayniruriside did not protect CEM-SS cells from acute HIV infection at concentrations up to 260 μM using an XTT dye reduction assay10.1021/np9600560